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Small Business Audits

Having your financial statements audited can induce stress, lead to some tough questions, and create anxiety in the office of your small business or your personal life.

With McAuley & Crandall, we can help alleviate many of your problems with our professional, veteran team.

We will work with your accounting personnel to complete your audit in an efficient, stress-free manner. We will also travel to out of town branches if necessary.

In addition, we look for ways you can improve your accounting processes to maintain good internal control. We strive to not just address your current issues, but prevent future ones from arising as well.

How We Work

With a risk-based approach, we can tailor our program to the areas you face the greatest potential for misstatement. Since your business has unique needs and concerns, we operate not from a standard procedure, but what will best help your company.

We do as much planning and sample selection as possibly through a data analysis of your company to figure out the best field approach for your specific needs. From there, we will examine your internal control and provide suggestions on how to improve that. By doing so, we believe your company can grow and avoid audits in the future.

Contact us today so we can help your small business with advice on audits today.

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