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Representative before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities

Receiving a notice from the IRS or tax authorities can feel incredibly scary. They will often require you to fill out a high volume of forms that you may not know how to properly fill out. Considering the potential for fines or late payment fees, it pays to have a professional by your side.

McAuley & Crandall will help remove the stress of notice from the tax authorities. Our years of experience will help guide you through the experience as painlessly as possible and make sure you get your audit or liability cleared.

How We Work

Our experienced and courteous team can help you gather any necessary paperwork the authorities ask for. If they audit you, we can ensure you have your files in order to minimize any potential fallout. If you have a tax burden you need to handle, we can help you set up an installment plan to ease the immediate burden.

No matter what you need, we can remove the stress of the process. Give us a call today so we can help you through this experience today.


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