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Auditing Services

An accounting audit is a critical and independent review of an organization’s financial records and accounts. At McAuley & Crandall, we offer expert auditing services tailored to meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations, small businesses, common interest realty associations, and entities involved in A-133 and HUD government housing programs. Whether you require an audit for securing a loan, applying for grants, or complying with regulatory requirements, our experienced team is here to provide thorough and reliable auditing services.

Our Auditing Services

McAuley & Crandall specializes in providing comprehensive auditing services across various sectors, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency in financial reporting. Our auditing services include:

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Independent audits for nonprofit organizations to verify financial statements and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and donor requirements.
  • Small Business Audits: Audits tailored to small businesses to assess financial health, verify accuracy of financial statements, and support business growth and sustainability.
  • Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs): Audits for CIRAs to review financial records, assess financial operations, and ensure transparency in financial reporting to stakeholders.
  • A-133 Audits: Audits in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 for entities receiving federal grants and awards.
  • HUD Government Housing Programs: Audits for entities participating in HUD housing programs to ensure compliance with federal regulations and financial accountability.
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