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Business Taxation

Wading through the different tax forms, trying to figure out how to structure your business, and keeping up with annual filings and adjustments can become a burden to even the most organized and structured of businesses.

At McAuley & Crandall, we can handle any type of business tax return for any state and help you understand which returns you are under obligation to file. We will assist you with any estimated tax payments, as well as provide you the best structure for your business.

How We Work

On your taxes, we can help prepare business returns of any kind and with any form. Our scope includes, but is not limited to, Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnerships, Fiduciary, Estates, Trusts, Not-for-Profit, Employee Benefits, Depreciation, and 1099s. We will look for every opportunity to save you money through our tax preparation and find you all possible expenses.

Furthermore, we will assist you with the annual filings with the Secretary of State for each necessary state, and perform any accounting adjustments necessary before preparing your tax return. We will make sure that the type of business entity you have provides the optimal profits and doesn’t restrict your business.

To let us help you with your business, contact us today.

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